Flight & Agency Management

We manage, measure and enhance media mileage (performance & savings) for each and every flight

True competitive advantage is delivered through incremental improvements and a solid working relationship with your Media Agency. Our proven benchmarking and measurement tools unlock incremental Media Mileage by driving efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability from your media investments. Once you’ve selected the right agency, making sure all stakeholders operate toward mutually agreed KPI’s is critical. We provide a range of tools and techniques designed to facilitate effective dialogue between Agency and Advertisers and that benchmarks the actual and planned flight performance versus contractual promises (MICC). A key benefit of our Flight & Agency Management program is reporting based on media mileage centered dashboards, processes and tools. Where necessary, we provide relevant training. Getting the best media performance from your agency requires the Advertiser to provide the Agency with a clear picture on marcom objectives and strategy. Checks and balances are embedded in our way-of-working and help to ensure that your media investments are managed from end to end in the right way. This successful method of working we developed and refined over the years, integrates the agency into your processes. It provides hands-on work practices for teams on both sides to ensure they are fully aligned and understand the process and mutual expectations.