Brand intelligence

Media-MGT helps Advertisers integrate the concept of Brand Equity into the creation and measurement of effective media strategies

“Getting a return on your media investment” means:

  • A brand message reaches your target audience at the wanted cost (Media Value),
  • Has triggered a consumer response,
  • Has influenced the opinion of your brand (Brand Equity),
  • And has resulted in a purchase/consumption of the product or service (Consumer sales).

Our definition of Brand Equity is:

  • “Everything a consumer has heard, seen, learnt, thought, or felt about a brand or service that has affected its buying behavior and has ultimately resulted in a purchase of the product or service.”

Over the years, our Client’s consumers are actually moving targets that continually change their minds based on their experiences (either their own or others) and based on other (paid brand message) inputs. One major benefit of brand tracking is that it helps you spot the impact of paid advertising over time on your Brand Equity.

Together with selected partners, we can provide you a detailed snapshot of how your brand equity is developing with your target consumers.

Brand equity is an intangible asset for Advertisers. It’s affected by many other variables besides Brand advertising. We don’t try to create a complex econometric attribution model linking all of these variables to brand equity. We narrow and simplify our perspective by stating that: “The goal of our Brand advertising is to make a positive contribution to the Brand’s equity”. We look at the impact of media tactical choices (Prime Time, Premium Positions, Frequency (Cap), HPTO, etc.) on (delta) Brand Equity.