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Alain Vogel and Victor van Baal joined forces for one purpose – To seamlessly link their diverse professional experiences and their shared passion for media performance improvement. 

We are the media expert firm known for asking tough questions, listening well, offering an informed opinion, and getting the job done right. We are always fact-driven, action-oriented, and solution-focused. We move the media operations of our Clients’ forward to where they want them to be. We are Media-MGT. Clients around the world are getting the best possible return on their media investments. 

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When Advertisers have a media problem that they can’t solve on their own, they contact us. We have more than 75-years of combined knowledge and experience having worked with hundreds of Clients and Media Agencies in all parts of the world for different industries. We take pride in the fact that we provide independent and objective media services, with tools and products for our Clients in more than 35 markets covering Asia, Europe, Americas, and Australia. Our experienced media experts offer specialized skills and apply a rational approach to Problem Solving:

1. Define the problem.

2. Examine and identify the root cause of the problem.

3. Identify all alternatives to resolve it.

4. Carefully select the best alternative.

5. Develop a strategic plan to implement the best alternative.

6. Carefully monitor implementation of the plan.

7. Verify that the problem has been resolved.

As one customer said about us, “They analyze what has happened in the past and they will help you to improve your Insights, Control, Savings, Acumen, Performance, Operational support, Transparency and Accountability.”

Due to the rapid emergence of digital media into the media mix of Advertisers, the big media consultancy firms are increasingly moving into digital, where they are directly competing with the same media companies that they are also auditing on behalf of advertisers. This creates a potential conflict of interest and makes media agencies cautious in sharing the data they are expected to provide to facilitate the Media Audit and/or Agency Pitch. Media-MGT is different. We’re completely independent so agencies are able to fully participate and cooperate with us without being concerned of sharing confidential information or intellectual property to a potential competitor. Our Media Expert services are not influenced by media agencies and/or advertisers so we are free from commercial and political bias. No Media Agency steers our Media Experts or our professional opinion. This allows us to challenge the media agencies and hold them accountable. It’s this competitive advantage that makes us different than other Media consultants.

There are many media audit firms that will gladly sell you a (ad-hoc) media audit and give you the ability to compare your media buys with pool data. Just know that most advertisers and agencies specifically prohibit the use of their data in auditor pools via non-disclosure agreements. Would you allow your confidential media data, even if anonymized, to be used or bought by your competitor? Auditors’ data pools are relatively small; the largest reflecting just a handful of Clients. Media buys are executed with a specific target audience and media strategy in mind which is ignored in data pools. Data in pools are therefore often normalized to standard buying groups. This means that pools eliminate the units of measurement for data, enabling them to compare data from different target audiences. If you compare your business with the average from a data pool, you actually pull the wool over your own eyes. Do you want a great report to submit to your management, but risk ending up getting a mediocre media performance?

Our proprietary MICC – stands for Media Investment Contract Compliance (MICC) and should be an integral part of your media contract. The MICC connects (advertiser’s) Input (€) with (agency’s) Output (media performance & cost), which is expressed as Media Mileage©. The MICC (offline and online) identifies and captures media KPI’s and metrics that help you, the Advertiser, to assess the Agency’s stated media strategies. Over the years, our MICC model has proven to be an effective instrument for managing and controlling media investments and the local Media Agency. The KPI’s included in the MICC provide context that mirrors the Advertiser’ s media objectives and strategy, and also considers the factors the Agency uses in managing the Advertiser’s media business. The MICC sets aggressive key performance indicators (KPI’s) that are quantitative, practical, directional, and actionable. We use these KPI’s to determine how well the Agency meets the operational and strategic media goals. An important feature of the MICC is that it allows us to benchmark pre/post-flight media buys vs. contractually agreed media conditions. That enables the local team to manage and evaluate media buys based on facts. 

Media Mileage© can either be positive or negative. It refers to the difference from what it costs to achieve (plan or actual) the specified primary media KPI for a specified Target Audience within a defined period of time, opposed to the cost to which an Advertiser and Agency contractually have agreed upon (as set forth in the MICC) to achieve that same KPI. Media Mileage© is the (He)art of Media-MGT and is the prominent feature of our pre/post-flight dashboards that facilitate an in-depth dialogue between the local team and the agency on all reported/planned KPI’s (vs. MICC). By focusing on media mileage and other metrics prior to approving the actual media buy, the Advertisers has the opportunity to actively manage the Media Buy.

A formal Advertiser-Media Agency relationship happens when an advertiser contractually engages a Media Agency as their agent to purchase Consumer Attention or Engagement on their behalf. Execution of this media planning and buying service by the Media Agency requires accessibility of funds and the delegation of defined decision-making authority from the Advertiser to the Media Agency. By doing so, the Advertiser places trust in a Media Agency to act in the Advertiser’s best interests. On behalf of the Advertiser, the Media Agency plans advertising campaigns that reach the intended audiences with the agreed upon costs from both online and offline media owners for airtime, impressions, views, clicks and/or other performance indicators. This process includes media buys, which is at the heart of the agency’s revenue generation business model. Advertisers need to have absolute transparency of all aspects of the contractually agreed cost structure and effectiveness of the purchase of airtime, impressions, views, clicks and/or other performance indicators on their behalf. Our contract templates (basic or extended) offer clear definitions to capture all of the above mentioned critical areas and accountability. They also help to define the overall operational Advertiser-Agency relationship. A Key aspect of our media contract templates relates to improving transparency regarding media cost & performance and agency remuneration. Also, the advertisers’ rights to audit the agency’s media buying processes must be clearly present in the contract. The contract must be fair and explicit in the way the agency is allowed to generate its income. It’s important to set up an appropriate payment model that ensures that an agency partner is rewarded (basic fee) and incentivised with an optional bonus to deliver a strong performance, while being held accountable for their media performance (cost vs. performance) that is embedded in the MICC. We recommend that all advertisers use our Performance Related Incentive Program template (PRIP), which incentivises the desired agency behaviours and provides the agency with the opportunity to make additional income based on exceptional performance. In summary, the contract you have with your Media Agency or vendor defines the parameters of your relationship.

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